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Creative support for business writers, pre-published writers and for writers-in-a-rut.

Writer’s Support

I always advise pre-published writers to attend a creative writing course before paying for any of the services below. A creative writing course will teach pre-published writers about character development, plotting and writing techniques.

Manuscript Appraisal

Submit a synopsis and three chapters of your book for a critique. A comprehensive 9 to 15page report will highlight the best parts of your manuscript and areas that can be improved. An appraisal will save you time and money.


Editing is about looking at the bigger the picture. It is about reviewing your manuscript as a whole. There are two levels of editing:

  1. The technicality and consistency of your manuscript. The focus will be on content, structure and language
  2. This is a more complicated aspect of editing and will look at characterisation and plot consistency

Proof Reading

Proof reading is not editing. Proof reading is about looking at your grammar, punctuation and typos with a magnifying glass. I recommend proof reading when your book has run the editing gauntlet.

Writing Mentor

A writing mentor guides you through the psychological and physical aspects of writing a book. A mentor does not write or edit your book but will help you develop your story and characters. You set your writing goals and your mentor will motivate you to stick to your writing timelines. A writing mentor will also provide you advice about the business part of writing: your market and how to publish your book.


A ghost-writer is a behind the scenes writer. Many writers have limited time or skill to write a book. It is advisable the employ the services of an experienced ghost-writer.  A ghost-writer can write your book for you but you will hold the copy write for the book once transfer of ownership takes place.

Book Reviews

Submit your published book for a word review.  A book reviewer will provide an evaluation and a critical analysis of your book. Book reviews will be posted on this site as well as on social media sites.

Ulrike Hill is the author or Tackling the Brickwall, Overcoming Adversity in Schoolboy Rugby. She has also written a book with Debbie Calitz, 20 Months of Hostage Hell.

Ulrike is a freelance writing facilitator.

Cell: +27 71 636 8028