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Creative support for business writers, pre-published writers and for writers-in-a-rut.

All about Ulrike Hill

Andrew Gross: my inspiration

Andrew Gross: my inspiration

Ulrike is a ghost-writer, author mentor and manuscript appraiser. She reads prolifically and writes book reviews for specialist internet sites. Ulrike is a plain language consultant and assists organisations with their written communication. She also facilitates creative and business writing workshops and is a part-time English and Communication Science lecturer.

Ulrike co-authored a book with Debbie Calitz: 20 Months of Hostage Hell (Penguin). She is the author of Tackling the Brickwall (Crink), a non-fiction book about schoolboy rugby in South Africa. She has ghostwritten five books that range from spiritual, business and human drama. She also ghostwrites for many organisations and has mentored many writers who have become published authors.

Ulrike has 20 years’ experience in corporate and education with managerial experience in sales and marketing.

Ulrike graduated with a BA degree majoring in English and Communication Science. She has an H.Dip.Ed. (English and Remedial Education). She is currently busy with postgrad studies in English and Media Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand.

They said it!

Daphna Horowitz

“Thank you to my writing coach and mentor, Ulrike Hill. You helped me make the dream a reality. You saw me through the hard times when I did not believe in my own writing by encouraging, questioning, supporting and editing along the way.”

Courage to Lead (Jacana) by Daphna Horowitz